Rentals Terms and Conditions:

All contracts between Éclat Decor Inc. and the renters incorporate Rental Terms and Conditions. No variation or addition to these conditions is effective unless agreed, in writing and signed by parties.

Delivery, Pick-up & Return Policies
  • Deliveries are normally made from Monday to Saturday between 8am to 5pm. If a specific delivery/pickup time is required, additional charges will apply.
  • It is the renter’s responsibility to provide a written receipt and receive the rental items upon devilry time. If the renters fail to provide for this, they will not be permitted to dispute the facts of the delivery and be deemed to have accepted the delivery and the rental conditions. In addition, it is the renter’s responsibility to provide specific instructions for dropping off delivery items in the absence of representative.
  • Delivery rates are based on door-to-door service with easy access for wheeled carts. Difficult loading locations such as stairs, slopes or any other impediments will result in additional charges. It is the renter’s responsibility to notify the delivery service of any existing constraints at the loading location.
  • All delivered items will be professionally packaged and stacked in a mutually convenient location.
  • At pick-up, all rentals should be neatly stacked in their bins ready for pick up. In the event of delay in preparation of rental items for pick up, additional charges will apply based on the amount of time required for packing. Please read Maintenance Guideline below.
  • The rental item may be picked up one day before your event and be returned the next business day by 11:00 am. Please let us know in advance if you cannot return items on the return due date to avoid additional charges. Rental items that are not returned by the return due date will be charged full rental fee per day.
  • Certain rental items can be delivered, set-up, dissembled and picked up by our crew only. Please consult with our sales representative for more information.


Reservations, Billing & Cancellations Policies
  • We recommend booking your order well in advance and we do try our best to accommodate all inquiries, but please note that our rental inventory for each item varies. You will be notified on the availability of the item of your choice upon your request. However, your order will not be booked unless the rental contract is signed and a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the order amount is paid. Please note your requested rental order is held for only 24 hours unless the deposit is paid.
  • Final payment is due in full 30 days before rentals are released from our showroom/warehouse. If payment is not received 30 days prior to delivery or pickup, it will be assumed that the balance is to be charged to the credit card that was provided with the signed contract.
  • All final changes and cancellations must be made 30 days prior to delivery or pickup. Should your reservation requirements change after full payment is made, you will be billed or refunded accordingly. No refund will be provided if the rental items leave our showroom/warehouse.


  • The liabilities of the renter starts at the time the rented items are delivered to the event or are collected from our showroom, and ends when rented items are picked up from the site by Éclat Decor Inc. or returned to our showroom. The renter is responsible for any loss or damage while the rented items are in his/her care.
  • In the event of any rented items being damaged beyond repair or destroyed by any cause whatsoever, the renter will pay Éclat Decor Inc. the full replacement value of the rented item. However, if the rented item is damaged and requires repair, the renter will pay the full cost of such repair only. The replacement value of our rentals can be provided upon request.

The following damages will result in full replacement charges:

  •  Any damage to soft goods (linen & fabrics), such as rips or tears, burned holes, mold or mildew, non-removable marks or stains and candle wax stains
  • Any damage to glass and silver ware, such as large chips or cracks, breakage and dints
  • Any damage to furniture’s fabric and structures that is not repairable
  • The renter agrees to have all additional costs of damages charged to the credit card provided or to make arrangements to pay by cheque or cash after we inspect returned items. The process of assessing the returned items takes one or two business days. The renter will be contacted prior to any surcharges.
  • Éclat Decor Inc. will not be responsible for any delay or failure to delivery due to circumstances that are beyond control of Éclat Decor Inc. such as but not limited to damages of  our rental inventory, customer late return, loss, strike, lockouts, riot, labour disputes, Acts of God, and structural defects in the venue facility. However, we will do our best to provide an immediate solution/action.
  • Éclat Decor Inc. will not be responsible for any loss, injury, or damages to any person or property caused by an act of omission of the renter or their guests or by the misuse of Éclat Decor Inc.’s property. The renter agrees to deal directly with the exhibition hall or venue in regards to any claims arising from said act of omission.


Maintenance Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to help avoid any additional costs:

1)  Furniture must sit on hard and leveled surface
2)  Do not stand on furniture
3)   Nothing can be attached to the furniture without permission from Éclat Décor Inc.
4)   All our rental furniture is for indoors
5)   No heat can be applied to any furniture
6)   All candles must be in containers to avoid wax drippings on soft goods
7)   Candelabras should not be moved
8)   Rentals & Furniture should NOT be moved from one site to another by client.
9)   Soft goods should be free of any wax, adhesive, food or garbage debris
10) Food stains and spills will normally come off with our standard laundry procedures. Do not attempt to wash or iron any of your linens prior to their return.
11) Wet or damp soft goods should not be packed with our linens and draping fabric.
12) Rinse all glass wares of floral debris